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Puff Piece

Melbourne is supposed to be a foodies' paradise, but what would be open on Good Friday?

We walk along the south bank of the Yarra from our hotel until the Princes Bridge. Past the casino and the celebrity chef restaurants that exist outside our price range.

Crossing the Yarra, we head to Federation Square where the Moon exhibition is on display in the Atrium. By exhibition, I mean an inflated realistic Moon suspended from the ceiling with some electronic soundtrack.

We cross the road near the remarkable Forum and walk down graffited Hosier Lane with all the other tourists taking selfies with the art. Back down to Swanston Street where the other two buy sushi from a chain store for their brunch. I save my stomach for later.

The chain stores disappear to be reached by interesting Asian eateries. We turn left at Little Lonsdale Street and keep walking until we reach where I was looking for: Puff House, hidden next to an Asian grocery.

Oh, the light and flaky pastry of the chicken curry puff! The sweet and crumbly pork pies. So good!

We turn left again at Elizabeth Street. So many shops I recognise from decades ago, so many new. 

At the bottom of Bourke Street Mall, we catch the tram to Docklands City, our first family ride in a tram for a long time. 

Docklands City is mostly closed. We walk through to the troubled and now permanently closed Melbourne Star giant ferris wheel. A few restaurants are open. But where are here for the Imaginaria.

The Imaginaria is a darkened inflated tent with various interactive lightshow displays and projections. There are beanbags to relax and enjoy some exhibits, others involve climbing and jumping. It's not big, but it is both soothing and, sometimes, a little disturbing in a good way. We really enjoy it. 

We walk back through the Docklands to our hotel. Many shops and restaurants in the Docklands are closed. Not just for the Good Friday holiday, but judging by the unread letters on the floor, for good. 

The Docklands were once the working port of Melbourne. Some converted warehouses remain, old train tracks in the paved path. Most buildings are modern apartment towers and offices, some architecture interesting, others rather awful. 

Blue and white North Melbourne Kangaroos and red and blue Western Bulldogs AFL fans stream towards Marvel Stadium for the night's game. 

We return to our room to find our room uncleaned due to number of check-ins on Good Friday and possibly staff off due to covid. Hope they feel better soon and can take the rest they need. That's more important than a clean room. 

Alex is hungry again, so after a short rest we head back out, catching the free tram back to Bourke Street Mall. Wandering around through Hardware Lane, where the one restaurant we want to dine at is booked out and Little Lonsdale where another is closed, we somehow find ourselves back at Puff House. 

We chilli burn our lips on tasty har mee noodles and takeaway yet more curry puffs and a pork pie. They really are great. 

Heading back via trams and legs, Alex is still hungry and we buy him pizza at the Crown Casino food court, crowded with punters determined to lose. 

We walked almost nine kilometres today, according to our phones, and passed plenty of places whose food we want to try. Maybe we will over the next couple of days! 


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