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The answer is snow

There must come a time when people learning to ski suddenly discover the exhilaration of weaving their way at speed down the slope and find a new addiction in their lives. At least that's what I suppose happens. After two hours of slipping and skidding, of trying to stay upright and not go too fast in the wrong direction I couldn't wait to get the frigging ski boots off. Same with the other two. Oh well, at least we've tried skiing once in our lives. Honestly, I don't want to go fast. You can keep your extreme sports, I'll stick to extremely boring. Don't believe me? Why do you think we were skiing anyway? We'd already decided to drive to Jindabyne. What to do but catch Australia's highest altitude train line, the Skitube? When looking up how to catch it I just so happened to find that ski lesson packages were still available on the weekend. After feeling a bit left out during our winter trip to Japan we thought we might as well give it

Towards the snow

From the hot sun  and beaches of Botany Bay to the chill waters of Lake Jindabyne overlooked by snow capped mountains. Along the way we had lunch at Ikea in Canberra, sat behind slow cars and saw many police. Finding dinner in Jindabyne was difficult with almost everywhere booked out. Ended up with Thai takeaway hastily eaten in the cold outside. Tomorrow we head into the mountains.

By the beach

It's nearing the time for the airport to sleep. Once I would dream of being inside that terminal, excited for the journey to begin. Now I would worry what the darkness hides. But earlier at the traveller's time I still felt the desire. Either way it is for nothing. I'm not flying anywhere. Just spending a night in our favourite hotel in a room overlooking the airport, the city and the smooth waters of Botany Bay. It is still the beginning of a journey. Tomorrow we head down to the snow. Driving.