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Point Anxiety: To Melbourne and back

I have to go somewhere. I have choices, at the last moment I choose Melbourne. I am not supposed to feed my flight anxiety with safety behaviours, like checking the weather, but I do anyway and this is the best I can find and the timing is right. If this works out I will hopefully have the additional benefit of reaching Qantas silver status again. After my flights to Japan and back earlier in the month you'd think that an hour in the air between Sydney and Melbourne was nothing. You'd be wrong. I've tried and failed doing points runs between the cities before. This is a real challenge. At the same time I've been trying to relax since Japan, realising that I never did, but fantasising that I was drifting up high listening to music or watching a film. I had a bad sleep last night. Too tense perhaps, too much on with karate and a committee meeting. Yesterday was a cloudy nothing day and I wait to this morning's cloudless sky before making a final decisio