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From apples to zebras: a trip to Melbourne

Back to the trip to Melbourne... Beechworth's Carriage Motel is very nice for a motel. The big screen television was great for Doctor Who and there was free wireless internet as well. But our room didn't come equipped with a bath. Last time we tried Alex in the shower (Hong Kong) it ended in tears. Six months later and he's proud to be a "big boy" and enjoy the water on his head. Amazing how they change. The first order of the new day was breakfast, and where else to eat but the Beechworth Bakery. Yes, it may be a big commercial venture now with branches elsewhere but there is no doubting that the bread and pastries are still very yummy. Afterwards we went sweet shopping in the heavily decorated (no photos please!) Beechworth Sweet Shop and some interesting cordials from a greengrocer. Wish that I had bought the perfect looking local cherries as well. Rather than head straight down to Melbourne we went for a drive around the local area. The road to Myrtlef