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Wild Ropes and Taronga Zoo

One dose of high wire acts wasn't enough for Alex and B. Today it was another zoo and another tree tops adventure at Wild Ropes in Taronga Zoo . This time there was no pressure on me to join them and we bought zoo entry tickets as well, catching the ferry across from Circular Quay and riding the Sky Safari cable car up to the top. Along with chairlifts that's about my limit for high wire transport. The verdict from Alex and B was that, despite the easier continuous belay system of Wild Ropes, the Trees Adventure at Nowra was more fun, though Taronga had the better views from the top. While I wasn't photographing them from below I checked out the platypus and nocturnal animals display of the zoo. The bilby was cute, but watching a bat eat a chick was the highlight. Afterwards we raced down to the seal show, which was enjoyable, but I think the message on sustainable fishing needed to be said in a few languages. By now the wind had greatly pic

Fitzroy Falls and Tree Climbs

Clipped to a steel cable I looked six metres down, struggling to get the zigzag planks to stand still long enough to let me cross. It was only the first of ten. It's school holidays and B rarely wants to stay home. After agonising over a range of options we've headed south. I'm driving, a rare role for me. I've got the GPS set for the Kangaroo Valley as we drive the M5. Following its instructions we make a turn-off at Mittagong and end up driving along narrow rural roads over rolling hills and past pretty hedge lined farms, wondering if we are lost. Eventually we meet again the main road we turned off, possibly a case of a GPS placing distance over practicality, following it until we come across the sign for Fitzroy Falls . There we turn off, not knowing what we will find. The waterfall, located in the Morton National Park, cascades down a sheer sandstone cliff before disappearing into a hidden creek below. We walk the West Rim trail until the Twin Falls look