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Supercolliders and Scooting home

I've written before how much I hate the final day of a holiday, especially if it involves a night flight. The anxiety of the upcoming flight and the knowledge that there's nowhere to rest before it. Our Scoot flight home is not until the utterly silly time of 1.45AM the following morning. After a breakfast at Maxwell we check out of our room and catch a taxi to Katong. Alex naturally orders another Janggut laksa. On this Sunday lunchtime the shop is so much busier than last time. We show B's mother some of the area around Katong and she had more food, curries and rice at Glory Nyonya cafe. The lovely cooling breeze of the morning has made way for a hot day and all we want to do was return to airconditioning. The Singapore ArtScience Museum has an exhibition on the Large Hadron Collider and the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Surprisingly the others followed after we caught a taxi to the Marina Bay Sands. The LHC is an astonishing piece of machinery. A 27