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A virgin beauty bids farewell

I remember the first time laid eyes upon her. I was at Epping in northern Sydney when I heard her passing overhead. As is my wont I gazed upwards and was immediately confused. Four engines, a red tail, was that a white body as well? A Qantas 747, common in our skies? Something wasn't right. She was too slim, the engines painted red and the body shone... silver? It troubled me for a while and I looked at the paths of aircraft that had flown overhead at that time. A Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600. Now, I am not normal planespotter, whatever that definition of normal may be. Oh, I know the different types, though not the subtle variations, care mainly for registrations inasmuch as they impact on the quality of what lies inside. But there was something about that Virgin Atlantic aircraft that captured my heart. I subsequently noticed her whenever she appeared before me. We would be driving to the train station early in the morning and sometimes there she was silently glid