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A whiter shade of fail

A week after my flights to Melbourne and I am back in the air again. Not through choice mind you, but when the boss says "Come with me to a team meeting in Canberra" what am I to do? There's one flight to Canberra that I'm interested in doing and that's on a Qantas 717, simply because I have only flown that aircraft once and that was before it was refurbished. But no, the cheapest options are the Virgin Australia ATR72 turboprops and so that is what I have to book. Just like last time . As I have said many times before, the short flight between Sydney and Canberra sure manages to pack a lot in. Sometimes that means beautiful scenery and fireballs in the sky. Other times storms, winds and turbulence. Checking the weather at booking and things looked okay for Tuesday. A few days later and it is the worst day of the week to fly with 90% chance of rain and storms. The weather gods hate me, that is obvious (expecting a cyclone en route to Japan in a few weeks'