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Twelve months of travel in 2012

Twelve of my best photos showing my travels each month of the 2012. January: A sunset at home February: Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Melbourne March: Sydney to Canberra April: Rowing in the Royal National Park, Sydney May: Flying back to Canberra past Lake George June: Up Mt Daisetsuzen, Hokkaido, Japan July: Marina Bay Gardens, Singapore August: Dreaming of travel at Sydney Airport September: Deep Sea Exhibition, Australian Museum, Sydney October: Gono Line, Japan November: Spider-Man birthday, Sydney December: Communicators Conference, Melbourne

Between two homes

Thank heavens for mobile phone boarding passes! The connection from the bus ride back from Bell City to Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport was tight and I raced through security and down to the gate as quick as I could, making it well prior to boarding. Virgin Australia's home in Terminal 3 was in a sorry state, looking temporary and under construction. I was too eager to return home to spend time admiring the airport. Rudolf the Red Nosed Virgin Boarding was via stairs front and back, being seated at the front meant that I was in the last group to board. I was too fearful of more Virgin Australia scoldings so I didn't take any photos from the outside. Unlike the flight up, which was in a new Virgin Australia 737-800, this aircraft still had the old red exterior. I find it quite ugly, but the new livery is awfully bland. Despite the old exterior, the inside was a mixture of old and new. The purple perspex divider between business and economy made an appea

Bell City

No, I didn't go down to Melbourne for a Mike Oldfield performance or a tour of the many churches. I was there for a work conference held at the Bell City complex, once a hospital, now a collection of hotel rooms and serviced apartments. I have previously waxed lyrical over the "isolated hotel", that accommodation away from the sights where an occupant is forced to relax within the confines of the complex. Well, Bell City was like that, stuck out in suburban/industrial Preston. Apart from a couple of restaurants onsite and a pub a short walk away there was nothing to do within easy walking distance. That was okay in the context of the conference, as all meals were provided for and the three days taken up with a full program. My room was nice too, with views across to the west and the Melbourne central business district. I would watch the sunset silhouetting construction sites and chimneys through the row of panoramic windows in my room. It's just a pity