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Qantas deserting Asian transits

I watched yesterday's live announcement of the Qantas' tie up with Emirates with a tinge of sadness. I cannot knock what appears to be a sound business decision, but it does signal the end of Qantas flights to Europe via an Asian transit .  Earlier this year Qantas stopped its London flights through Bangkok and Hong Kong. In April 2013 Qantas will drop Singapore as a stopover for London and Frankfurt and instead divert to Dubai, as well as codesharing many destinations with Emirates. You can still transit in Asia, as Qantas continues to serve each stopover destination, but you will need to change airlines. I'm interested in visiting Dubai one day as it seems to be quite an amazing place, but I doubt that I will feel the same connection that I do with many Asian stopovers, thanks to my wife's Malaysian-Chinese heritage. I've done all of Qantas' Asian transits to and from London in the past decade and, after flying on a few other airlines to Europe, noth