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8 of the best in Japan

Here are my eight favourite towns and cities in Japan. It's a personal list, weighted towards areas of Japan I'm most familiar with and the things I like, but each has something magical that makes me want to visit again and again. And, for all but one of them, I have. Shinjuku  On our very first trip to Japan we stepped off the Narita Express into the world's busiest station of Shinjuku and we've been returning ever since. Tokyo as a whole is an amazing city, but Shinjuku is a destination in its own right. With canyons of neon, tunnels of shops and crowds of crazy youth it's like nowhere else on Earth. Kyoto When it comes to historical sites nowhere else in Japan can compare with Kyoto. There is far too much to see on any one visit, so just pick a few and enjoy. Highlights include the temples and shops around Higashiyama, including the mountainside Kiyomizu-dera temple, and the tunnels of torii at the Fushimi-Inari shrine. But if I had to pick a cou