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The Return of the Jedi to Melbourne

Like so many others, I wish we had fast, frequent trains connecting the eastern capitals. At three hundred kilometres per hour I could go from Melbourne to Sydney and back, three hours each way. To Brisbane a little longer. No more messing about at the airport with an expensive ride just to get there. No turbulence worries or wasted time in the air. Just the countryside racing past while I relax. Last year I caught  the XPT to Melbourne and back  to watch The Empire Strikes Back in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The train was nice enough I suppose, though not always the passengers. In fact, most of my long distance train journeys in Australia seem to involve a stop somewhere to allow the police to remove someone. It is not an option for The Return of the Jedi in Concert. The timings are bad, I must be back for the karate competition on Saturday. The weather looks scary for flying. I am stressed enough anyway. I rebook the concert, but the flights are too expen