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Another Qantas vs Virgin to Canberra

I've really felt like flying lately, but these Sydney to Canberra runs are just too short to reach flying Nirvana. Still, it's work paying for them so I can't complain. We tried a sharing desktops and phone calls, but it's hard to beat sitting together with an expert when learning a new system. I woke up at my usual time but thought that I could let B and Alex sleep. As I shaved in the other bathroom Alex came running in. "I want to sleep in my bed!" Huh? Okay. So I put him in his bed. He didn't stay. Brought him back to our bed and told him that I was just going to work. All the disruptions and extra cuddles meant that I had to skip breakfast. I said a final goodbye, then walk out to the bus stop, caught the bus and the train to the domestic airport. When I had checked in for my Qantas flight using my phone I strangely wasn't given the option to select a seat. So I tried one of the Qantas kiosks. Yes, I had been assigned a centre seat an

First time in Japan?

Updated with new information! (January 2014) I've been asked a few times for suggestions for first time visits to Japan. It's actually a reasonably inexpensive destination, especially considering the low cost fares now available from the region. Below is a suggested short itinerary to give you a taste of the country. It shouldn't be considered a definitive list as the country has so much to offer and even after nine visits I still feel like I have so much left to see and experience. However, a mistake that I think a lot of tourists make is to restrict themselves to the big cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. They are fascinating places in their own right, but can be overwhelming for the new visitor. If on a short introductory stay in Japan I would suggest either Osaka or Kyoto as your port of entrance and departure over Tokyo (there are direct trains to both from Kansai International Airport) as they are more compact and closer to the other suggested sights. That sa