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Kita goes south

B, myself, and now even baby Alex have been on holidays across Australia and the world. But what about our dog Kita? Okay, he's had time away at relatives' while we've been elsewhere, but, apart from day trips, he's never been on holidays with us. This Easter was the first opportunity we've had to go away together as a complete family. We found some last minute pet friendly accommodation in NSW online at and booked a short trip in the south, leaving Good Friday. Packing for a road trip is so much less disciplined than a flight as you can just toss your stuff in the car's boot. We left late, as usual, constrained by Alex's sleeping and feeding times. As we drove over the Alford's Point Bridge we could see a column of thick brown smoke coming from near a retirement village. The traffic seemed very light as we entered the M5 motorway, but that was deceptive. Before we had even reached Campbelltown it slowed to a crawl as we hit roadworks. The frus