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Tokyo to Sydney

Once I'm on the NEX I can relax, pull down the tray table and eat some of the snacks as we smoothly say goodbye to Tokyo. I note the new very tall Skytree tower, standing proudly in the clear air. As we race along I listen to music and reflect on this trip, short as it may be. Was it worth it? Oh yes! I have seen such beauty on my long rides through the countryside and discovered new places worthy of return visits. Three days is not long enough, but I feel like I have made it count. Unfortunately, this run of the NEX doesn't stop at Narita city, only the airport. Two railway companies serve Narita, the private operator Keisei and JR East. My pass only covers the latter, but services are not frequent enough that I feel entirely comfortable returning to Narita city before checking in. The Qantas check in desks won't be open for another 45 minutes, so I use that time to explore the landside shopping and food area. Boxes of strawberry cheesecake and wasabi Kit Kats temp