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World's best airports

Skytrax recently announced their Airport of the Year Awards for 2008 . The top ten were: Hong Kong Singapore Changi Seoul Incheon Kuala Lumpur KLIA Munich Kansai Copenhagen Zurich Helsinki Cape Town We've visited five out of the top six airports over the past four years, the exception being Munich, and I have to agree that they were all pretty good. My favourite is Singapore, which has excellent food stores, free internet and free beds to relax on. I found Hong Kong's airport train service to be rather expensive, while our time at KLIA was marred by long queues every step of the way. Seoul Incheon now has a railway connection to Seoul and I found the terminal to be very easy to get around. It's good to see Kansai high up on the list. Free internet airside, good eating options and the best train to Osaka!

Blogging on holiday

How do I write this blog when I'm out there on holiday? My routine is usually as follows. We return to the hotel room generally not earlier than 8:30pm after a day exploring and travelling. While B kicks off her shoes and showers I swing into action. The first task is to setup my notebook computer, a gorgeous little Sharp CV50F Muramasa that I bought second-hand in Japan. It weighs less than a kilogram, and is not much larger than a hardcover novel and much thinner. I can easily carry it around in the notebook section of my daypack or lock it away in most hotel room safes. Even a 14" laptop is too big and heavy for this - I've tried it on my way to work. The Muramasa runs a Japanese version of Windows XP, has a slow processor and no optical drive, but it is super portable and does what I need on the road. Into the Muramasa I plug a Western Digital Passport 160GB portable hard disk. Like the notebook PC, the Passport is also very thin and is entirely USB powered, meaning on