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Rediscovering the beauty of flying: Back from Singapore

I wake up wishing for a teleport to take me home. I'm sick of Singaporean airconditioning on the inside and heat and humidity outside. I'm tired of being constantly on the move and staying up so late. I miss my dog. And I want to be able to eat again without the solids constantly liquefying. Yes I'm nervous about the flight, but it's not nagging me to the core life before. But I would rather not spend eight hours locked in an aluminium can. I just want to go home right now and be home right away. But I can't and we've got a whole day to kill before we board that flight. Alex and I go down to inspect the Duxton's swimming pool. It looks very nice, but it's way too cold. Our pool at home will be warmer. These Singaporean swimming pools are disappointingly cool. Breakfast turns into brunch is lunch. Stopping by a streetside vendor to buy an ice cream sandwich, we walk down historic Kreta Ayer and Neil Roads to reach the Maxwell Food Centre