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The pointy end: Japan alone on Jetstar

The magic of flying. At it’s best it’s about sailing high above the clouds through smooth skies listening to beautiful music. At it’s worst it’s squashed, exhausted, bored and unable to sleep, into a cramped aluminium can bouncing through turbulent night skies. From the comments of many you would think that Jetstar is all about the latter. I have to agree that I have had some ordinary flights with them, cooped up with nothing to do. But when I saw a couple of their A330s fly overhead today I couldn’t help but remember some of the more amazing adventures I’ve had and how I’d like to be up there on those aircraft. I’ve taken a Jetstar flight at least once a year since I first flew with them in 2005. Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to the Gold Coast, Cairns, Kuala Lumpur, Narita and Osaka, Darwin and Singapore. It’s thanks to their cheap fares that I can afford to keep travelling. I don’t mind if this means sacrificing a little luxury now and then. The view out of the window is still the