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Hello Cocky: A bumpy Canberra trip

It appears that my recent  farewell to the Qantas Boeing 737-400 was a little premature. A little more than a month later I found myself travelling to Canberra again and again just for the day. I booked my usual flight QF787 from Sydney to Canberra and made it to the gate with boarding already underway, my check in completed over the phone. No surprise, but it was my old friend VH-TJR Cockatiel waiting for me at gate 8. She was the 737-400 that took me both ways on the "farewell flights". Cockatiel at gate 8. We taxied out to the third runway and took off towards the north. When I had booked the flights the weather was predicted to be nice all day. Now the captain told us that we should expect some turbulence due to changing wind directions but they would try to give us a smooth flight. Reversing out of the gate Pursued by our shadow Around the airport Looking towards Sydney's CBD Famous beaches Turning against the sky We cur