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Back in time for NYE 2010

We've made it back from Melbourne in time to celebrate New Year's Eve in Sydney. By celebrate I mean sit at the top of the driveway and watch the fireworks in the CBD from a distance. We had a fantastic time down in Victoria and I'll try to upload the photos and write a proper report over the next few days, as well as do a review of travel in 2010. Right now it's time to enjoy the moment at home.

Lightning and locusts

The last trip of the year. After spending the year flying around the Asia it's time for a holiday closer to home, time to show Alex my old home. Time to give the car a nice long drive as well. But how would our increasingly active toddler cope? Very well, as it turned out. One of the biggest challenges turned out to be booking Kita into a boarding kennel. After a day of ringing around all over the state we finally found a boarding vet in Bexley. But a 10:30am drop of time meant that our departure from Sydney was delayed. Eventually we made it on to the M5 and began our journey out of Sydney. It's a very familiar journey, one we have done many, many times. I used to live in Canberra, B in Albury for a year. At least every fortnight we would drive up or down to visit each other. And there have been countless drives between Sydney and Canberra over the years. I find the drive along the Hume Highway between Sydney until the turnoff to the Federal Highway visually boring