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Iso thoughts

By and large I'm mostly enjoying the isolation of the COVID-19 lock down. I love the family time and have plenty of work to keep me busy. But now and then something triggers me and I feel a sense of frustrated wanderlust. The television shows a rural scene and I miss the wind and the scent of the land, a place devoid of others for many kilometres around. A photo of a tram or a rattling train and I am back in rural Japan, seeking an onsen to sooth my cracked skin and tired bones. Towering clouds in blue skies, empty of the aircraft I can dream I am on. We pass the airport and I am sad that I cannot go in and lose myself in the activity, catch a meal while watching the aircraft and passengers come and go. I imagine staying in a transit hotel, relaxing to ambient music as I rest before my next flight. Wanting an activity pack like those handed out for children, only aimed at adults. I see the Osmos game, so long on my phone, and recall