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Premi-Air at 30,000 feet

Qantas Disney's Planes I attended a movie premiere today. A real movie premiere with a red carpet and stars, photographers and everything. But this was no ordinary movie premiere. There was a jumping castle, a water cannon salute and the screening was on an iPad. Well, that doesn't sound like much, does it? Wait, there's more! You know those "4D" movies at amusement parks where, in addition to the action on the screen, you feel the environment as well, a rush of wind, a sprinkle of rain? Well, this premier took it to a new level. A whole new level. 30,000 feet in fact. Alex, my almost five year old son, and I were fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the Australian premiere of Disney's Planes on board a Qantas 767-300. We turned up at Qantas Hanger 96 adjacent to their domestic terminal 3 at Sydney Airport to be greeted by the very friendly Qantas staff. Along with two boarding passes I was surprised to be given a lanyard labelling me as &qu