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Inclement weather

"Unfortunately the service will have to be stopped due to inclement weather towards Sydney." That kind of announcement has had me break out in sweats at the thought of approaching turbulence. Would my new found confidence in flying hold? I spent the last couple of days down in Canberra attending a workshop for the organisation's communicators. The flights down to the capital are almost routine now that I have done them so often. Still, I found a way to make this a little different. I had asked the question on about what would happen when Qantas retired the Boeing 737-400 jets that currently do the run. One respondent replied that they would just use the more advanced (and larger) 737-800s that we already doing some Sydney - Canberra flights. Oh, I didn't know that! Fortunately, the workshop started late in the morning so I could catch one of the 737-800 flights. Though I've caught that aircraft before it's been a while and I was curious

If only...

I was so tempted to take a couple of days off, combine them with a weekend and fly to Singapore for a quick holiday. I'm so tired I need a holiday. All I wanted to do was to relax in the hotel, swim in a pool, play with Alex and eat, eat, eat in a place that is safe and easy. I wanted to sit on the flight with Alex asleep on my lap and watch movies on the entertainment system. I wanted some time to think about things other than the daily routine. But the days conflict with fixed work days and the plans of the other side of the family. And suddenly the fares rise and the hotels become more expensive. And I think that I should be saving money for bigger dream holidays in the future, when we have to pay Alex's fare. I wish I could just fly away whenever the whim took me.