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The Cold Front: Flying home

I knew that the cold front was coming. The news was filled with stories of the chill sweeping the eastern states. Initially both cold fronts were supposed to pass through while we were in Tasmania, leaving stable air in their wake. But nature is fickle and now we would be flying into the high winds striking Sydney and the coast. As usual, I feared the turbulence that such weather might bring. The night before I had pored over weather maps and turbulence charts, had looked for alternative actions. Unfortunately, the only way out of Tasmania is by sea or by air. And normal life was scheduled to resume so delay wasn't really an option. So I went to sleep feeling anxious. I wake feeling physically sick. On the last day of my holiday and here I am with a bug. I check the weather again. Looks like we might be in for a smooth cruise, but that colourful patch covering the area between Canberra and Sydney has me worried. I have been on far too many rough flights in that area to have