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Flowers, coins and Kung-fu Panda in Canberra

We arrived back yesterday from a couple of nights in Canberra. The three of us drove down there on Tuesday, staying in a two bedroom apartment at the new and rather nice Deco Hotel. We were all rather tired and the weather was grey and miserable, so the only thing of note I did was to ride the length of the new light rail system from Civic to the Gungahlin Town Centre. Though the scenery outside was not particularly noteworthy, I rather enjoyed the smooth ride. There's something special about rail travel and I'm happy to see Canberra get such a system. Wednesday saw us doing a tour of the Royal Australian Mint, where the nation's coins are manufactured. There wasn't much activity going on, but the process itself is interesting, as was the display of the history of Australian coins. The next destination was the National Museum of Australia. Most of the visit was spent in the non-Australian Dreamworks Animation Exhibition, featuring sketches, models and