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Ending the year as it began: Back to Melbourne

Just as last year was bookended by railway journeys, so travelling in 2015 started and ended with family drives down to Victoria. Indeed this last day of 2015 has been spent driving home from the latest trip. Sydneysiders look at us strangely when we tell them we are spending some of our summer break in Australia's second largest city, as they all head out for the northern and southern coastlines of New South Wales. But I dislike most of the New South Wales coast, much of Australia's eastern coastline in fact. Overdeveloped and without history, without soul. Many disagree, but that works out better for us as places like Melbourne tend to have cheaper accommodation around the Christmas break. Normally we drive as far as Albury and stay a night there before continuing on to our final destination. This year we decided to do the entire Sydney to Melbourne drive in one go. It's not so bad if you can leave early, however, there was a complication as we needed to take Kit

Catching the pocket rocket to Canberra

717 It's a feature of social media apps these days to remind you of what you posted in years past. Mine were showing photos of flights to Canberra a year and seven ago. Titles like " The Turbulence Wuss Flies to Canberra " don't exactly inspire enthusiasm, but indeed I was scheduled to return to the nearby capital of Australia for a team meeting and Christmas celebration. I had a different plan this time. I was going to drive the three hours each way. Now, I've never driven by myself for that long before, but I figured that it was a pretty easy drive and a very, very familiar route, at least as a passenger. B tried to convince me otherwise. We only have one car and I tend to get very tired and headachy by the end of the day. When it comes to dangerous modes of travel cars are definitely up there and it's not good to drive sleepy. Also, I'd probably reach Canberra a bit late for the meeting. I look into flights there. After what happened earlier