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Above the clouds to Canberra

Another day, another trip to Canberra. You would think that this route, my most frequent of all time, would now be so routine as to be boring. After all, it's only 30 minutes of flight time. Yet every journey turns up something new and today's flights were no exception. The passengers were already boarding when I arrived at the airport. Thankfully I had already checked in online and had nothing in my little bag to disturb security, so I made it into the Qantas Boeing 737-400 with time to spare. When I reached my row I found somebody else sitting in my window seat. I asked him to move as I knew I would make more use of the view. Then there was a long wait before we set off. I didn't mind. I had a nice view of a Qantas 767 out of my window and watched a few aircraft take-off overhead. Sydney Airport is very attractive in the early morning sun. I declined a newspaper and the proffered earphones, watched the safety briefing by the professional looking flight attendants,