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Canberra on a plane for sale

Been busy with travel related activities for the past week. Only one actually involved travel. On Monday last week I flew down to Canberra on one of my work trips. Through smooth skies the Qantas Q400 turboprop carried us south over the northern suburbs of Wollongong, the southwest and, unusually, over the north of Lake George to Canberra. Lake George has long held a fascination for me. When it is full, lapping against the edge of the Federal Highway, it's like part of an inland sea. But it has been a long time since the lake was full and the shallowness of the lake was readily apparent from the air. As we descended into Canberra's airport we flew over a rectangle of asphalt on to which a roundabout had been painted. Yes, it was a driver training facility, but it looked amusingly like an ironic advertisement for the city of roundabouts. It was fortunate that I had caught an early flight at the start of this federal budget week because the queues at the airport taxi rank