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Reasons and expectations

Finally, I can reveal the reason we won't be going to Europe later this year - we are expecting our first child! It's very exciting for us, but it will undoubtedly change our lives, especially with regards to travel. I still hope to travel with our child; what a wonderful way for them to learn about our world! I feel that I gained hugely from my family's journeys around parts of Australia during my childhood. Visiting historical sites, experiencing natural habitats and activities like fossil hunting and tours of mines and factories taught me more than sitting in a classroom would.

747 Dreams

As I journeyed home on Thursday afternoon I watched the 747's fly off into the west. I wanted to be one those planes as they rose into the golden light of the approaching dusk. It now appears increasingly likely that we shall have to cancel our trip to Europe later in the year. We should know in a week. Though lately I have been wracked by the urge to travel, not helped by numerous Jetstar sales to Japan, I admit to not being entirely disappointed by the potential need to cancel. The fact is that I want to travel on a 747 again, not the 777's and the A330's of Korean Air. There is something unique about these ships of the sky. Something that the smaller jets and the even the larger A380 lack that just speaks overseas adventures. Maybe it's the exclusive and hidden area towards the nose where the first class passengers are housed, the similarly hidden area upstairs for the business passengers. As an economy passenger I never have a chance to explore these mysteries. If o