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Stesen Sentral (Central Station) is convenient for those in transit, not a great destination in itself, although over the past few years there has been development, including a swish new shopping centre connected to the station. At least we found a place in the dingy upstairs Malay food court that serves good roti canai. The McDonalds is advertising a Durian Crunch McFlurry. Yep, it is possible for Maccas to serve worse. Caught the LRT to KLCC Station, adjacent to the Petronas Twin Towers. It was amusing to see Japanese duvets at the Muji outlet. Amusing after our difficulties finding a queen duvet at Muji in its home country of Japan and amusing as a warm doona is the last thing you need in Malaysia. We spotted MiL and Friend across the road and joined them at KLCC Suria. The Petrosains science centre was closed as it's a Monday and MiL decided she wanted Chinese food (as in Southern Chinese food), so we only stayed briefly before returning to the hotel, then heading

Return to KL

Remember how terrified I was a few days ago of flying through storms that never eventuated. Well today I started confidently on the slightly longer flight back from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and... We checked out early and without breakfast, catching the MRT all the way from Tanjong Pagar to Changi Airport with a change at Tanah Meras. We bought a half cake of cranberry kuih lapis from Bengawan Solo then went straight through immigration and to the gate with only a short stop to pick up a sushi and kaya toast breakfast each for Alex and B. Due to congestion at Changi and on the busy Singapore to Kuala Lumpur route our flight was somewhat delayedbut we took off into bright skies with only a few minor bumps. We had actually passed over the top of KLIA with only small scattered clouds when our descent took us into some much bigger tropical puffballs. The young girls behind us screamed as we rose and descended in quick fashion as we passed through each cloud. My nightmare had come

Babboon bums and breakfast

The greatest pleasure of Singapore (and Malaysia) comes from enjoying the local cuisine. We returned to Maxwell Road Food Centre for a breakfast of mee sua, apom balik pancakes from my favourite store, mee siam and a really nice laksa. Mee is noodles, by the way. I was planning to take Alex to the science centre, but we changed our mind and chose to visit the River Safari and Zoo instead. We caught a couple of trains up to Chua Cho Kang and changed to a local bus for the zoo. Unfortunately the Amazon boat ride was out of commission but the rest of the River Safari was very good. Different river systems around the world were represented by tanks of fish and other aquatic wildlife. The signage was really informative. Thanks to the Octonauts Alex was able to provide a running commentary on the attributes of various species. For most people the two giant pandas are probably the highlight, but after seeing them at play in Chengdu a simple pair of them doesn't have quite t

Everything is awesome!

When it comes to dream jobs I suspect that professional Lego builder would be at the top of many people's list. There must be quite a few of them judging by the number and size of models around Legoland. Wow! Another too early morning from Alex. He and I snuggled up in the bottom bunk bed (no, not a double decker sofa!) and he watched cartoons while I typed and B slept in the adult's room. There was a panic the previous night when B couldn't find her wedding band. We searched everywhere, but to no avail. Then this morning we heard a shout from her in the bed. It had been with her the whole time, somehow stuck in her watch band. The buffet breakfast had a decent range of both western and local dishes, including roti canai and curry. We ate until we were very full, anticipating a lot of exercise and little eating inside the park. Then we checked out and left our bags with the hotel. Emmett Brickowski, a couple of stormtroopers and some park employees were danc

Props and blocks

Sleeping in is a skill that Alex has forgotten lately. I don't think they teach it at school. So we were up before sunrise. But Malaysia wakes late and it was another few hours before we went out seeking breakfast. On our last trip to KL we discovered some great food along Jalan Imbi, so we took Mother-in-law and friend out to locate it. Despite this being KL's "Golden Triangle" with many expensive hotels and shopping centre the area we were walking through was rather rundown. But that's where the best food is. A detour saw us eating chee cheong fun and noodles at the Mei Sin kopitiam. My destination was the Wing Seng Heng kopitiam. We bought nasi lemak and various nasi campur side dishes of rendang and eggs from the cart out the front. So good! Some pork buns, egg tarts and kuih completed breakfast. Almost. Directly behind the Parkroyal hotel is a long shed of mostly Muslim stalls and I always order roti canai and Milo ais from a stall near the end.

Deserts and storms

Though it was a pretty good flight yesterday I couldn't wait to be on the ground. Maybe it's the colour red, maybe it's a cold and lack of sleep, or maybe the amount of flying I've done is finally catching up with me. We walked out of the house into a cool foggy morning and caught the bus and train to the international airport. As we had only carry on luggage, had checked in online and preprinted our boarding passes we went straight to immigration. By straight, I mean joined the long queue of fellow school holiday passengers. After brunch at McDonalds and some Duty Free browsing (mainly Alex playing with display iPads) we eventually joined B's Mum and her friend at the gate. Thanks to our essential travel accessory (Alex) we were amongst the first to board. I'm glad that Alex between us in our row of three seats by the window as they are very narrow. There's no entertainment save some tablets you can hire on board. We had phones which I had preloaded with

The weather up there

The forecast for Sydney to Singapore tomorrow courtesy of a Qantas Facebook chat: Dave Egan: Very broadly out of Sydney tomorrow will be an excellent day. On route there is currenlty a jet stream expected to be about the NSW/QLD border at about 10am. There could be some mild turb here. Then usually as you approach SIN you would expect thunderstorm activity in the afternoon. Which is very common for their area, but it has been quiet this week so you may get lucky.

The do in Pudu

I was flicking through the television channels tonight when I came across the movie Entrapment . I've never watched it before, but I knew that part of it was filmed in Malaysia. At this point the protagonists were climbing up the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Shortly afterwards the action moves to Pudu station . Great, I thought, because in our ongoing quest for great Malaysian food we were considering visiting Pudu Wai Sek Kai , an old hawker food street in KL on our upcoming trip. Unfortunately, it turns out that the scenes were actually filmed at Bukit Jalil LRT station and it just renamed for the film because Pudu was the easiest for the Scottish star Sean Connery to pronounce.