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Scooting to Singapore

Last week I made a quick trip to Singapore flying Singapore Airline's new low cost carrier Scoot. They will not be my first choice for long haul flights in future, with very uncomfortable seats, legroom obstructed by the seat support, no moving map and an inconvenient departure time back to Australia. Departing from Sydney I tried to recreate in my mind the feeling of excitement from almost twelve years ago when I caught my very first international flight; to Singapore. Even if the onboard service was lacking I did enjoy  the views out of the window, especially as evening approached. The as we descended on to the runway, palm trees lining the perimeter, I did recapture that feeling. Unfortunately, there was a stuff up in hotels, with the booking for the Hotel 81 Geylang, not the Hotel 81 Tristar in Geylang. I felt like something nicer than the former, and through the hotels desk the Amara Singapore was booked. It took a long time to reach the hotel on the shuttle bu