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The Compass Points of the Japanese Railway Network

Over the past fourteen years of travelling to Japan I have visited all four of the home islands and passed through all but two of the forty-seven prefectures. Yet it is never enough. I am somebody who likes to travel all the way to the end of the line, to explore as far as I can and see all that can be seen. I also love trains. So I set myself a challenge to travel to the farthest reaches of the Japanese railway network, to visit each of the compass points. Nishi-Oyama, the southernmost station on Japan's railway network. You can read the full account of my travels and view more photos and videos at  JRNEWSTour: A trip around the compass points of the Japanese railway network . What follows here is a brief summary of two weeks on the rails. The journey started with a Friday night alone at the rather uncomfortable Ibis Basic hotel at Sydney Airport. Early the next morning I caught a Jetstar flight up to Cairns Airport and then onwards to Kansai International Airport outsi