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Singapore to Brisbane and home

I recline on the sun lounge by the pool at the top of the skyscraper hotel, gazing up through the metal lattice entwined with vines, feeling the warm humid breeze across my body. The others are back in the room, one other patron splashes in the pool.I would swim too, but can't be bothered dealing with the wet clothes. It is quiet up here. I am relaxed, finally feeling like I am settled into the mode of the holiday. Unfortunately, it's also the last day of the holiday and tonight we will be flying back to Australia. B says that she is getting bored of Singapore, but for me I am happy to do nothing but relax and eat. For breakfast we cross over the road to the Tanjong Pagar food centre. It's a place for locals, unlike the tourist popular Maxwell Road centre, and the food is better in my opinion. I wish that we had eaten here more often. I have an excellent nonya style laksa and Alex the prawn mee from the Ah Seng stall. This isn't the curry laksa that you ge