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A 20th Anniversary Honeymoon

Twenty years ago we were in Paris celebrating our honeymoon . A decade ago we were back in Europe celebrating our tenth anniversary . I was hoping that we could do the same for our twentieth. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic threw a spanner in the works. Until last week we couldn't even travel out of greater Sydney. Okay, technically we could fly out with international borders opening earlier than planned at the start of the month. The logistics and costs of testing and quarantine, plus the risk of infection and delay mean that such travel is as yet impractical for tourists such as ourselves. Then there is the fact that Alex is now in high school and can't just take a week off at this point in the term.  The best we could do was book a room in the hotel where B and I spent our first wedding night, the Novotel Brighton Beach. I was going to book the exact date, but the people of New South Wales were getting vaccinated faster than expected and the reopening of schools was resche