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Music to fly by

I was watching Getaway last week when they showed a segment about drifting down a Daintree rainforest creek. The background music was Enya's Storms in Africa , last heard during the Ansett television commercials in the late 90's. Those were the kind of airline advertisements that really made you want to fly, featuring aircraft flying through evening clouds to Enya's dreamy music. I was quite sad when they replaced those advertisements. A search of the net has revealed that I'm not alone in my opinion, nor in my hope that someone will put the ad on YouTube. I went ahead and purchased Storms in Africa online for the memories of the now defunct airline and to listen to on future flights as well. Music is an important component of my holidays, providing a soundtrack to the experience. Years later I can listen to the music again and recall what I saw and felt on the holiday when I played that music. Music is a matter of personal taste. When it comes to flying I prefer "