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Farewell to the Jetstar A330s

Today marks the last day flying in Jetstar colours for the Airbus A330-200. After today all Jetstar's medium and long haul flying will be performed by the Boeing 787-8. The event certainly won't mark the end of the A330 in Australian skies. Many airlines use the aircraft on Australian routes. Most of the Jetstar A330s themselves originally came from Jetstar's parent Qantas and are returning to the airline to be repainted in the white and red. I rather like the A330 in Jetstar orange and silver colours. The A330-200 is an attractive aircraft anyway. Parked at Gate 31 at Sydney Airport By my count I've flown in Jetstar A330s twenty-one times in seven years. Almost all of those flights were to Japan, although there was one return trip on the now defunct Sydney to Kuala Lumpur route and another on the similarly cancelled Singapore to Osaka direct flight. So plenty of happy memories there for me! Despite this, I'm not unhappy about the change to the Boe

Malaysia 2000 revisited

I recently discovered some photos from my second trip overseas, to Malaysia in March 2000 . I've scanned them in an updated the post. On one hand it's sad to realise how few photographic memories we have of the trip. But scanning them in is hard work. Viva digital!

travelling allrite @ instagram

My 1000th Instagram photo! Thanks to those who have followed, liked and commented over the past few years. It's appropriate that row K at Sydney Airport's Terminal 1 houses Singapore Airlines who carried me on my first international flight, 20 years ago in December. #1000 #1K #instagood #sydney #sydneyairport #airport #travelinspiration #sia #singaporeairlines A photo posted by allrite (@allrite) on Sep 14, 2015 at 12:17am PDT I've got over a thousand photos on my Instagram account , a pretty good selection from many of the places I've visited. Enjoy!

The less lonely hotel

My lonely hotel is lonely no more. It began life as a Hilton Hotel, sitting near the bridge across the Cooks River and overlooking the International Terminal of Sydney Airport. A brown and boxy building, I never found it particularly attractive but, as a young and inexperienced traveller more familiar with roadside motels and caravan parks, the Hilton brand gave it a mysterious cachet. We often passed the hotel on our way to the city or the Eastern Suburbs and I would wonder who were these important people lurking behind the curtains, the gold tinted rectangles in the night? What adventures were they about to set off on? I developed a "thing", almost an obsession, for airport hotels, especially those of Sydney. An airport is a living place, full of movement and action, huge machines and people setting off on adventures or arriving home from them. Yet it also stands in near isolation. In the region surrounding Sydney Airport are warehouses and container yards, golf cours