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Dealing with turbulence anxiety

What will cure a travel addiction? Is it possible to get tired of travel? Can other activities take its place? 2016 is almost over and I haven't posted anything in months. The truth is that I've been struggling a bit. I've had flights booked, then postponed them to next year, unwilling or unable to leave home and work life. Instead of dreaming of flights I've been practising my karate strikes. Casting a dark pall over my dreams of travel has been a fear of turbulence. In January I found myself in Singapore curled up and physically ill at the thought of another flight. I survived and even enjoyed the next few flights in that trip, but then in May hit heavy turbulence between Australia and Japan. The excitement at the thought of another adventure was replaced by a sense of dread. That isn't good. Limiting myself to ground transport just isn't an option. And it's silly. The aircraft isn't going to fall out of the sky due to turbulence. I saw o