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Not so Smart

After spending the night on the apartment couch, while B and Alex had the queen bed, it is time to leave Canberra and begin our journey home. So as not to entirely waste a visit to the city, we first make a stop at the National Gallery of Australia. 

Alex wanted to revisit the War Memorial, but due to a spectacularly senseless reconstruction it is even more restricted than before.

Unfortunately, at the brutalist concrete gallery there are no tickets to the Jeffrey Smart exhibition until too late in the afternoon. At this point Alex let's us know that he is currently studying Smart's art at school, which just frustrates us further.

Nonetheless, we decide to have a wander at the rest of the free exhibitions at the gallery.

I love a good art gallery. There are few places more relaxing and yet stimulating as a gallery. The selection is very different to our last visit and I feel like I have changed too. The staid old classic styles no longer hold my interest as much as the contemporary and Indigenous art.

That trip to the Northern Territory really changed my perception of Indigenous art and culture, just as travel to Europe helped us understand and appreciate the Impressionists.

We spend a lot longer than intended in the gallery. Fortunately, we did also catch some glimpses of the Smart exhibition.

Driving back to Sydney, I detour through Majura Park to grab some lunch at the shopping centre. Really we just want something quick and convenient. Banh mi and sushi. 

I wish we could have stayed longer to admire the airport, with a Qantas 717 and a Virgin 737 both coming up close.

I want to reach home before the predicted rain and storms. Traffic on the Hume Highway is heavy and the driving requires a lot of concentration. Still, it really does feel like the shortest leg. It is certainly the most familiar. 

The house smells musty, but the fish all seem to be alive. We go out for pizza for dinner and enjoy using our own television.

As I write this a line of storms has struck, bring strong gusts of wind and heavy rain. A welcome home present after the glorious weather of our trip. 

Even more welcome: A firm bed and pillows. 


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