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John Williams Birthday Bash Part 2

There is something about the summer air in Victoria, especially in the mornings. Fresh and invigorating without the mind sapping humidity of the north.

I am in no great rush to leave Beechworth as my hotel in Melbourne would not be ready until the afternoon. I visit the bakery for more snacks and the grocer for more bottles of the local cordial.

When I do check out and begin my drive I admire the history of the town, the changing canopy of tree branches over the road.

Then we hit the highway and I must focus on all the other cars and ignore the scenery. I decide to pull over before entering Melbourne and give myself a few minutes to rest and compose myself.

The motorways into Melbourne are so wide it is difficult to know which lane to stick in so that you might take the correct exit. Fortunately most of the drivers seem patient bar two idiots that decide to weave unexpectedly through traffic.

I manage to make it to the car park without any dramas and am able to check into the Travelodge straight away.

After unpacking I head out for lunch. Southbank is busy with pedestrians and a few performers and the city looks gorgeous until a blue sky.

Most of the cheap eats seem closed, so I use Google to try to find a nearby eatery. I settle on a Malaysian place a few streets back, but end up eating "Butter and pepper noodles" which is actually quite yummy.

I'm in Melbourne for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra "An Evening of John Williams" at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in the parklands across the road. I decide to go a bit early and, carrying a picnic blanked and some food from a Seven-Eleven, I take a stroll through the park.

The warm air is filled with the scents of childhood memories.

There is already a small crowd gathered at the entrance to the outdoor music venue made famous nationally by the televised annual Carols by Candelight. This is my first time here.

The concert is wonderful and triggers so many memories of the city of my younger childhood. As I walk with the huge crowds back towards the hotel I admire the colourfully lit skyscrapers in the moonlight.

This is a beautiful city and I still love it. 


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